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In Houston, TX, Wheeler Avenue Christian Academy offers the best in Christian Preschool & Private Elementary School education. All of our programs are designed to bring out the very best in our students. We strive to teach both academic & religious studies. Call us today!

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Our Christian preschool program in Houston, TX creates a learner-centered environment that focuses on meeting the individual needs of each child. At this level, students can retell stories, recognize and write some concrete words, write their names, recognize all letters, identify the common initial sounds, and see themselves as readers. During the Spring semester, students are evaluated and given the “Kindergarten Readiness Test” to determine a student’s readiness for our kindergarten program. 
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Attending private elementary school has its advantages because children learn the core academic and religious subjects in one place. Our kindergarten classes are structured and students are taught academic skills according to school-set standards. The following skills are taught at the kindergarten level:

Phonics & Reading
  • Recognition of name, sound, pictures of long and short vowels and consonants 
  • Sounding of blends, one-two vowel words and words with special sounds 
  • Reading of sentences and stories
  • Counting and writing 1-100
  • Value of coins and dollar bills 
  • Telling time
Science, Social Studies, Bible Study, Music, and Arts and Crafts are also all components of the kindergarten curriculum. 
1st Grade Program
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Our first grade private education program focuses on learning as an integration of all content areas, including science, math, social studies and language arts. Our teachers are responsible for creating a successful learning environment by utilizing the A Beka Curriculm in the classroom, while; parents should reinforce study learning at home. Our teachers and parents work together to allow for successful academic achievement for all students. During the spring semester, students are evaluated and given a standardized test. 
Report Cards & Daily Reports 
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Our staff sends a daily report home each day for infants to inform parents about the child’s day. Students in grades Pre-K2 through Pre-K4 receive weekly reports written by his or her teacher, and a report card at the end of each semester. Students in kindergarten and first grade receive report cards every nine weeks.  
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