Infant School

Early Childhood Education

The Wheeler Avenue Christian Academy staff is committed to teaching children in a nurturing and academically rigorous Christian environment. The Infant School is comprised of an Early Childhood program replete with small classes and licensed caregivers with a focus on each child’s individual learning needs.

Each staff member receives over 24 hours of professional development annually, including training in CPR, Shaken Baby Syndrome, and First Aid.
Infants (6 Weeks - 12 Months)
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We pride ourselves on providing a nurturing environment for our Infants. At WACA, we keep our teacher: student ratio to approximately 3 infants per caregiver. Each teacher ensures that all infants receive tummy time, cuddle time, and playtime each day. Throughout the week, teachers read Bible stories to the children, play spiritual songs and teach nursery rhymes. Our Infant Room is equipped with walkers, musical mobiles, and plenty of safe toys that help us teach our infants social interactions. Infant Teachers will also provide families with a daily chart of their child’s feeding, sleeping, and restroom patterns.
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In our Christian Pre-Kindergarten, we ensure our children are able to meet age-level milestones, such as knowledge of:
  • The alphabet
  • Numbers 1-10 
  • Basic and primary colors
  • Response to redirection and instruction 
  • Verbal communication & clarity when speaking
  • Independence, self-feeding, and potty training
  • Socializing with others, self-reliance, and self-soothing
Our Pre-Kindergarten students receive outside time every morning and afternoon and learn Bible lessons each week.

Enrolling your child in a comprehensive Christian pre-Kindergarten program like ours is essential to starting their educational journey off on the right foot. Children who attend pre-K have better social, emotional, and educational development than their peers who go straight into kindergarten with no preparation. Research shows that students who participate in a high-quality pre-K program like ours have better outcomes throughout their lives. They're more likely to succeed in school and graduate on time, which translates into better opportunities and income in adulthood.

For more information about our pre-Kindergarten program, please call.
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Attending private elementary school has its advantages because children learn the core academic and religious subjects in one place. Our kindergarten classes are structured and students are taught academic skills according to school-set standards. The following skills are taught at the kindergarten level:
  • Phonics & Reading
    • Recognition of name, sound, pictures of long and short vowels and consonants
    • Sounding of blends, one-two vowel words and words with special sounds
    • Reading of sentences and stories
  • Number Sense
    • Counting and writing 1-100
    • Value of coins and dollar bills
    • Telling time 
Science, Social Studies, Bible Study, Music, and Arts and Crafts are also all components of the kindergarten curriculum.
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