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Christian Preschool in Houston, TX

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Wheeler Avenue Christian Academy is a private elementary school and preschool that provides a nurturing Christian-based, academically-oriented environment that seeks to grow the mind and spirit in Houston, TX. If your child is ready to enter preschool or elementary school, contact Wheeler Avenue Christian Academy today to learn more!
Christian Academy, Houston, TX
Our Christian academy has been in existence for more than 50 years. It began as Wheeler Avenue Infant School, but grew out of the name approximately 10 years ago and became the school it is today. 
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First Grade Private Education, Houston, TX
Our A Beka Curriculum covers all aspects of the core subjects and aims to help our students develop a love for God through our Christian-based program.
Houston, TX, Private Elementary School
Stay up to date on all the events going on right here at Wheeler Avenue Christian Academy, and check out our photos and videos from previous events.

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To create a lifelong commitment to God’s principles, in order for students to live, love and learn, so that a legacy is left for all who follow
Wheeler Avenue Christian Academy (WACA) is a school committed to the idea that children learn best when their physical needs are met and they feel psychologically safe and secure.

Our programs at Wheeler Avenue Christian Academy in Houston, TX expose children to a variety of skills and activities in a warm and nurturing environment, thereby providing a foundation for learning. The concept that children learn through social interaction with other adults and children, through play, and through discovery and exploration is central to the teaching philosophy of the Academy. The students are allowed to work at their own pace, utilizing learning centers as a means to facilitate academic growth individually and in small groups. We are a Christian Academy that strives to promote success at our institution. Count on Wheeler Avenue Christian Academy to develop the skills your child will need and use in daily life. We offer the best in preschool, kindergarten and first grade private education programs. Apply or contact us today for more information!

Our first grade private education program is perfect for your little one to grow and learn and to prepare for real life. We take our first graders seriously. Like our other programs, our first grade private education program provides a great curriculum for our students to help them develop and succeed. When you want your child to attend the best first grade private education program in Houston, TX, call Wheeler Avenue Christian Academy.
First Grade Private Education Houston, TX
As a parent, you want your child to receive the best education in both academics and religion. Wheeler Avenue Christian Academy in Houston, TX is one of the top private elementary schools in the area and provides the best religious and academic education, as well as other benefits, all in one place.
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